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Welcome to Italia Cuoi

Italia Cuoi was founded in 2005. It is a proudly Australian owned company committed to deliver excellence while focusing on sales and distribution of leathers in Australia and New Zealand.

We specialize in bovine leathers serving mainly industries of:

As stockist we carry a huge range of leathers and hides. We are suppliers to leading companies regales of quantities required.

Our partner tanneries, with headquarters and industrial facilities in Italy and in South America, comply both ISO 9002 procedure standards (consistency, excellence and quality) as well as ISO 14001 ensuring clean business practises and a clean environment for us all.

Our In Stock Now (ISN) commitment, ensure customers are served with excellence and timely manner wherever they might be. Orders are dispatched on the same day as ordered.

Why Italia Cuoi?

Our passion, a clear focus on Quality and Service of excellence as well as over 28 years of experience with Leather makes Italia Cuoi the right choice for all your leather desires and needs.

As specialists in our industry, we are committed to deliver the best market Value for our Huge selection of leathers.

We will dispatch your orders on the same day as ordered anywhere in Australia; or wherever you might be.

Our Hides and leathers are In Stock Now

We offer payment terms to all our regular customers


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Gaurav Ahuja


Gaurav Ahuja

this is first testimonial

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